Loving the Dirt

I found myself appreciating dirt this week….I know, right! Dirt??

I remembered a time when my two boys were little and they couldn’t wait to get home from school so they could grab the shovels and work on digging a massive hole at the back of our property. I never knew why they were digging it, or whether or not they even knew, but I know that dirt made them happy and helped them make some great memories.

I also thought about the dirt my family would track in onto my freshly swept kitchen floor and thought, for just a moment, how it would be nice to relive those moments now that they are all raised and have kitchen floors of their own to manage. My kids could probably count on one hand how many times I got after them for ‘tracking up’ my floor. I very rarely cared. I would much rather my kids felt comfortable in their own home then have a spotless kitchen floor.

My other appreciation of dirt this week was experienced at the Pendleton Round-Up. After spending just a few hours walking around the Round-Up grounds my boots were covered in dust. It was dust I was proud of and showed it off to my three girlfriends. “It’s Pendleton Round-Up dirt”, I told them.

As the weekend progressed I thought more about dirt and how the dirt in our lives affects us. Each of us has dirt we have to contend with. We can look at it as a nuisance, or realize our dirt is why Jesus came in the first place. Because of Him our dirt is bearable. He’d rather we felt comfortable in His presence then have us worried about all the dirt we’ve accumulated over the years.

We aren’t perfect and we were never meant to be. Our dirt was washed clean on the day Jesus died on the cross.

As I spent time with my friends this weekend I appreciated their dirt, it helped me understand my own dirt and I realized I did not love them any less because of the dirt they have accumulated on their journeys. They were living their lives the best they knew how at the time and now they are equipped with more wisdom then they had before….all because of the dirt.

Over the weekend I had the chance to walk out onto the soft brown dirt of the Pendleton Round-Up arena. I stood there looking around and thinking about the history this iconic place has been a part of for the past 100 years and I appreciated the dirt.

Psalms 51:1-13